Hot Topic: Vegan Werewolves

I’m going to soon publish the second part of the Warlock-series, the Realm of Wolves. In the last moments of waiting I’m sharing with you a fun fact related to the story to put you in the mood. Some of you already know that I’m vegan. Of course this fact isn’t so shocking in itself. […]

Magisterial Archetypes in the Kyanite Alliance XII. – Samaritan

We arrived to Pisces, the last one of the Water signs and the whole zodiac. This sign is also a real idealist like the Aquarius but they are more into floating in the collective subconscious than innovative ideas. Magister Fiona Veritas as the master of meditation and as a mermaid is a worthy representative of […]

Magisterial Archetypes in the Kyanite Alliance XI. – Wise Fool

Aquarius closes the row of Air Signs. Just like Capricorns, they spend a lot of time in their head, closed in the fortress of their thoughts. But as opposed to the conservative and obedient Capricorn, the Aquarius is a real revolutionary. This developmental path was also walked by magister Oneiros Seditiosus, master of foreign planes […]

Magisterial Archetypes in the Kyanite Alliance X. – Hermit

The third earth sign is Capricorn. Achieving newer and newer levels of hierarchy attracts this sign as well just like the Sagittarius. But the Capricorn isn’t motivated by spirituality and the abstract truth but by results available in the practical world of work and career. Magister Xenoto Sapientus, master of history, military tactics and mundography […]

Magisterial Archetypes in the Kyanite Alliance IX. – Priest

The row of fire signs is ended by Sagittarius. As opposed to the melancholy and perceptive Scorpio constantly looking into the depth, this quality regards the world in a completely different way, looking only upwards and always searching for the higher justice. Magister Lucius Sensus, master of philosophy is a worthy representant of the Sagittarius.

Magisterial Archetypes in the Kyanite Alliance VIII. – Shaman

It is the turn of the second Water sign, Scorpio. After the pleasant-tempered, easy-going Libra, now comes a much heavier and deeper quality. Some people may be shaky from the poisonous sting, the vindictiveness, things hidden insidiously in the subconscious and the thought of the death associated with the eighth member of the zodiac. But […]

Magisterial Archetypes in the Kyanite Alliance VI – Servant 

It is the turn of the second earth sign, Virgo. After Leo, who constantly desires the spotlight, a much more modest, but not less important quality reveals itself, which is embodied by masgistra Cellandris Viola, the master of camouflage and tracking.

Magisterial Archetypes in the Kyanite Alliance IV. – Mother

We have finally arrived to the first representative of the water element: the Cancer. Compared to the intellectual and extroverted Gemini, this sign represents a very different, much more emotional and introverted quality. In the Kyanite Alliance it is magistra Artemesia Patientia, the master of healing who embodies the archetype of Cancer.