The third earth sign is Capricorn. Achieving newer and newer levels of hierarchy attracts this sign as well just like the Sagittarius. But the Capricorn isn’t motivated by spirituality and the abstract truth but by results available in the practical world of work and career. Magister Xenoto Sapientus, master of history, military tactics and mundography walked the developmental way of this sign himself.

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The task of Taurus is to nourish the plant with everything imaginable while the Virgo‘s task is to protect it against dangers. About the Capricorn we could say that they set up boundaries, sometimes nips wild shoots in order to provide the right direction for growth. They respect traditions, old tried and tested solutions and they feel really good in well-known systems. Frames and limits mean security to them. They like predictable professions which require pragmatism and they often lose themselves so deep in their career that they give the impression of a Hermit. So their archetype can’t be anything different.


On this level the Capricorn can’t break away from factuality and physical reality of life at all. They are almost prisoners of logical thinking and they worship rationality. They are guided by a rigid purposefulness. It results that the Capricorn pushing forward, marching through everybody. Climbing upwards on the social hierarchy, they feel they have to win at all costs in order to achieve a high status which provides prestige and power as well. As they don’t know empathy on this level, the cruel practicality can come to the point that the Capricorn think the end justifies the means. Moreover their strong inferiority complex hiding in the background feeds their blind ambitions. On the other hand, their pessimism coming from defeatism and faint-hearted limits them. This is what they are trying to compensate with rigid purposefulness and careerism.

Authoritarian Careerist

On this level the Capricorn is still motivated by blind ambitions so achieving the purpose at all costs is important for them. They feel that in favour of success they have to make sacrifices and they need endurance, but their goals are already much less egocentric. They might seem like they don’t pay attention to themselves and their surroundings because of their minimalist way of life but in their case this is only about practicality.

They try to serve global interests and social comfort and do everything for them is in their power; they might even go as far as ascetism. But they can’t find yet the spiritual essential faintly felt by them as they are looking for it in the wrong direction: in the outside world. They can achieve worldly successes this way but happiness coming from real satisfaction is still far from them. They know that social fulfilment provided by status is only imaginable in a community as they constantly need feedback.

Experienced Legislator

On the highest level the Capricorn gives up the selfish self-realization completely and they use their ambition to serve the comfort of the community and mankind. They already know what is important; they learnt the real purpose of life. They go on their road tenaciously, sparing no pain, but they are interested only in spiritual salvation and the ascension of mankind. The gravity of material plane can’t pull them back, because the light calls them more intensely. They know that going up the mountain of initiation they have to die a little at every single step but they feel that they can’t give up.

Magister Xenoto Sapientus

Strangely enough, magister Xenoto Sapientus, this mage who considers limits as a necessity of life, twists the quality of his archetype, as he represents the feminine Capricorn quality as a man. But considering that he is the fourth of such anomalous magisters, actually he is the one who restores the balance. His agname, Sapientus comes from the word sapientia which means wisdom. Magister Xenoto does indeed possess an incredible amount of knowledge, but for achieving the real wisdom he also had to walk his own way of development.

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Magister Xenoto was born on the island of Roanaa as the child of an Exploratoris sorceress and a scholar coming from another plane of existence. He always kept to himself and liked the predictable, practical activities. That’s why he chose the Salutaris family instead of the Exploratoris. He perfectly acquired everything what a healer had to know. Moreover he learnt a lot about the history and geography of different planes of existence and about tactics used in battles. He set his sight on ascending amongst the masters. For this reason, he always tried to accomplish his quests in an exemplary manner and he constantly augmented his knowledge.

Decades passed but he had to wait for the desired honour. Xenoto worked harder and harder. At the same time he withdrew into himself. He didn’t realize (maybe he didn’t even want to) that he had admirers among novicias and novices who would have learnt from him with pleasure. It happened more and more often that he went for quests alone. His accommodation on the island of Roanaa where he spent only a little time, became a real hermitage step by step.

The turn in Xenoto’s fortune came the day when his mother, brother and sister-in-law died during their quest in a canyon where a rock fell on them. So the earth mage stayed the only living relative for the children of his brother. After Xenoto had taken the little boy and girl to live with him (actually a little hesitantly) he felt that the control slipped through his fingers for first time in his life. The arrival of children turned his life upside down and he didn’t have time for his beloved books anymore. Many times he secretly wished that Silvanus finally called him for a new quest and he could leave the two children for the helper woman who supported him as a nurse. But Xenoto didn’t receive any calls for a long time.

As time passed, Xenoto’s orderliness eased more and more and the mage with the ice cold gaze began to thaw. The children made him smile and their laughter warmed his heart. He discovered the joy in the education of the little boy and girl. Expanding of their curious mind, helping them by getting to know limits and rules safely made him happy. As time went by, youngsters with a thirst for learning began to come to the house of the healing hermit again and Xenoto shared his knowledge with them with pleasure. Magister Silvanus offered him the eagerly desired magisterial title, when Xenoto had given it up and when he had already dedicated his mind and diligence to the service of the community.

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