It is the turn of the second earth sign, Virgo. After Leo, who constantly desires the spotlight, a much more modest, but not less important quality reveals itself, which is embodied by masgistra Cellandris Viola, the master of camouflage and tracking.

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When a new life starts to grow – may it be a seedling, a cub, a child or a scientific research work – the protection against danger is as much important as the persistent nourishment. This aspect of talent for creating a safe and stable environment associated with earth signs is provided by the Virgo. They try to keep their territory clean and get rid of the potential threats and chaotic elements by their precision, sobriety and providence. They don’t even mind if the undertaken task is a little bit monotone. They delight in all this, and the orderly nourishing environment free of weeds compensates them abundantly for their efforts. The Virgo lives their life as a real humble Servant.


On this lowest level, the Virgo researches inquisitively in every topic, but their knowledge stays superficial. They don’t really care about the depth of their learning, they want to prove themselves useful for the external world from a practical aspect. This compulsion for conformity can run so high that they try to adapt slavishly to everybody. They watch with eagle eyes, what people in their environment accept and they always provide exactly that like a sly weatherwane.

Their notion of fulfilment is survival by perfect adaptation. In the meantime they don’t realize that they aren’t overachieving control freaks, they only try to adapt to the existing system and the expectations of the authorities. They search for security obsessively, although everything changes around them constantly. It drives them into the role of compulsive cleaner and control freak. They believe if their life is organised, they can save themselves from vulnerability and insecurity. On this level the Virgo analyzes things maniacly because they look for the spiritual perfection inside the matter and they criticize because they would like to improve their ordinary life. They extend the control to the people close to them, so they often come across as puritan or act like the commander of a barrack. They apply strict educational methods as a parent as well.


On this level, the Virgo knows the subject already more intimately. Their basic ability is the analytic systematization of data. When they start to use this talent well, they immediately receive one of their most important mental vitamins: they feel themselves useful. For this they develop their intellect during all their life, because they believe the world is knowable by ration and circumstances of life are controllable, so dangerous situations are exterminable. On this level, the Virgo can acquire equally the most ordinary materialistic knowledge and the highest spirituality. Moreover they try to translate the theory into practice by the aid of their tireless diligence. They try to solve the big spiritual mystery through lexical knowledge, but the essence of life is slipping through their fingers during their hectic research. Overstepping the border between material and transcendent is one of the biggest challenges of the Virgo. When they don’t succeed, they often escape into scepticism and deny the existence of things beyond the physical reality.


On this highest level, the Virgo faces one of the biggest lessons of their life: it is a clear abuse when perfection forces the sphere of instincts into logical systems. It is exactly this prude morality that makes this ancient power living in us so dangerous; it can explode in any moment because of the aggressive pressure.

On this level, the Virgo have already transcended themselves, so they are open-minded towards the spiritual world. They collected profound knowledge about the soul during their inner journey and they can profit a lot from it in the field of psychology and liberal arts. They still try to separate the essential from the irrelevant by their analytic way of thinking. But on this level they don’t do this to calm their distress, but in order to always find the best solution in tough situations.

Another important mission of their life is to transmit higher spirituality and to connect it to the physical reality. They also know that problems in the world can’t be solved through the material sphere (however they would do everything for the physical and mental recovery of others). The road that led up to here wasn’t easy, but the Virgo is now conscious enough to know that they needed to go through all that experience in order to arrive to those important recognitions.

Magistra Cellandris Viola

Magistra Cellandris Viola, just like magister Garon Tereus, comes from a royal family. But as opposed to the fiery leader of Bellicosuses, the magistra never lived a privileged life. She was just a baby when a group of nobles slaughtered the royal family whose members showed favours toward the common people instead of the nobility. A loyal and selfless handmaid rescued Cellandris from the castle in the last minute, then she asked for shelter in a convent.

Image: Pixabay, icheinfach

Growing up, Cellandris got acquainted with the tragic history of her family and the role of the handmaid in her escape. At that very moment Cellandris made a resolution to become a humble servant to her fellow-beings just like her saviour was. Her agname, Viola refers to the modest violet. Cellandris always liked to stay in the background and she was completely satisfied with her puritan life. Her talent for camouflage – which is her magical ability as well – often saved her life: the rebel nobles still searched for her many years after the royal family’s death. But she could melt into her environment just like a chameleon, so she always escaped from the soldiers looking for her.

Cellandris was very young when she joined the Kyanite Alliance. She felt that undertaking the duty is her obligation, but breaking away from the frames providing security of the convent was a very huge trauma for her. In the beginning she acted rigidly and distanced to everybody. The rampant revel while celebrations shocked her, she was impatient with her dense headed fellows and the cultuses alien from her just like the armed combat or the meditation annoyed her. She started to feel safe on the island of Roanaa and loose on her convulsive attachement to the familiar things due to the motherly magistra Artemesia Patientia. She became acquainted with her new fellows step by step and she helped her by learning very much. But she kept the celibacy in her new life as well and she never let any man close to her.

The former sister could deploy her analytical ability by studying the techniques of camouflage and tracking. She became so successful in this field that she deserved the magisterial title. Magistra Cellandris is a little bit older than magistra Balthamos, but she is the newest among the masters: she had been ranking this position only for one year when Kyra arrived on the island of Roanaa.

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