The column of Magisterial Archetypes continues after the fiery Aries with the Taurus. How is the developmental process of this calm zodiac sign that keeps their feet always on the ground? How could magister Septimo Voluptas get along with this?

Image: Pixabay, Gerd Altmann

The Taurus is the first one among the earth signs. It is connected to the renewal, flourishing and maintenance of things planted earlier. We can think of a plant that had already fought its way through the hard soil and darkness in order to feed from vital water and sunlight and begin to grow outside. Pleasant things connected to gain and growth are very important for the Taurus. In order to be able to look further than these, they have to go a very long way. So the archetype of Lover appears not only in its first, most concrete meaning. Beside physical love, they also adore delicious meals, tasty drinks, designer clothes or relationships providing security.

The Hedonist

On this level people are interested only in chasing transient sensual joys. They don’t have any real life goals except a distorted Carpe diem philosophy and they let themselves be driven by the magic of the moment. They only use material things to make their life easier and more enjoyable and to provide a sense of security for themselves. Their roots stretch too far into the ground, so they get stuck on the level of Mother Nature’s vegetative proliferation. Therefore a pleasant, lazy state similar to the lukewarm water begins to dominate their whole life. If the Taurus becomes the prisoner of an addiction and isn’t able to control it, the situation gets much worse.

The Philistine

The Taurus on this level is still a compulsive materialist, who is willing to see the world only through materialistic things and rate others from this aspect. They think that existential progress elevates them from the greyness of everydays and the goods they possess bestow a higher value upon them. But some empathy has already appeared here, the ability of taking care of others and the moral need to gather earthly possessions not only for the Philistines themselves but for their close family as well. Passing this level people face a big dilemma. On the one hand, they feel that they aren’t able to give up their possessions, so they can become prisoners of them. On the other hand, the openness for spiritual values and desire for collecting them rises in the Taurus. This can manifest itself in the love of arts or the taking care of nature. So the possession of pleasant things starts to gain a higher sense.

The Steadfast

On this highest level of self-fulfillment the Taurus can’t be dissuaded by promises of earthly goods, because their solid faith holds them. Neither intense temptations nor failures can break their stable stance. So they are already capable of being the depository of faith and creating something lasting for mankind. They can be considered as a reliable spirit, because of their loyal temperament, who protects and keeps their values. They are people with a mature personality who build and fill with force the things essential for them and their group’s collective spiritual good.

Magister Septimo Voluptas

Just like in the case of the Aries, I imagined the gender of the Taurus master as the contrast of the quality represented by him. So I figured out a male character to the Lover archetype even though it is a feminine quality.

Image: Pixabay, Stefan Keller

Magister Septimo Voluptas, master of potion making has a calm, pleasant personality and it is rather difficult to upset him. His name, Voluptas means sensual. Both his parents were Salutarises, so the master grew up on the island of Roanaa. Septimo doesn’t have any siblings, but already as a child he had many little friends and he had a lot of fun in their company. But alas when somebody dared to touch his collection of small relics without permission!

In his youth Septimo enjoyed life to the fullest, but never overdid it. His interest in plants evolved quite soon and he proved himself to be an outstanding talented at mixing potions. Due to this he received the magisterial title after the death of his predecessor.

The magister is one of the most enthusiastic participants of Celtic feasts up to this day. He seems soft because of his curving belly and jovial behavior. But actually the master is extremely tough in physical and mental sense as well and represents the ideas of the Kyanite Alliance as steady as a rock.

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