This time I’m launching a new topic of the Warlock-Mysteries column. I will introduce the twelve astrological archetypes embodied by the masters of the Kyanite Alliance and the development process connected to them. This way leads from the instinctive level through the self-conscious level to the spiritual level. First I’m introducing the stations of Ariesness and magistra Rowena Bellatora.

Image: Pixxabay, Gerd Altmann

The Aries is the first one among the zodiac signs. It flames as living fire and gives the initial dash to every new thing, no matter if it is a new-born enterprise, a renovation being at hand or the organization of a sport club. Their rampant energy set others also aflame and carry them with. But they have to go through a very serious development in order to inhibit their activity from turning into enforce interest at any price and keeping their enthusiasm permanently.

The Agressor

People standing on this level act instinctly and take what they want wading through everything and everybody. They don’t consider consequences, doesn’t matter if they hurt others or they are facing serious troubles because of their rash actions. They are completely lacking self-control and follow momentary impulses only. This behavior can be typically observed on bullies in bars. Agressors have a neutral spin on things and would spring at anybody who dares to look at them, bumps into them accidentally or gets their beer one minute earlier than they do.

The Martial Artist

Arieses on this level don’t run against the wall with such haste as they are able to drain the rough elemental power ravaging in themselves. Martial arts perfectly suit them, since they not only give applicable techniques for close combat, but they develop concentration and self-discipline. Of course every sport proposes an excellent field for the use of fiery power in a constructive way. But martial arts fit the most for Aries fighters to evolve their abilities.

The Knight Priest

On the highest level, satisfaction of selfish needs and instant reaction to external impluses aren’t decisive anymore. An Aries who achieved this spiritual level, can handle their power as consciously as a shaonlin monk. They are able to stand in the service of the greater good, a higher ideal and no threat can dissuade them from their mission. In this state, their power and courage are already combined with endurance, so they stand for owed values even at the expense of their life.

Magistra Rowena Bellatora

When I started to work out the character of the twele masters, it sometimes occured that I imagined a female character for an essentially manly quality or a male character for a feminine quality. It happened in the case of the Aries archetype as well.

Image: Pixabay, syaifulptak57

Magistra Rowena, master of the armed combat, is a distinct, almost masculine woman. Her agname, the Bellatora refers to the warrior quality. She grew up on the island of Roanaa. Her mother, Hella was a human without any magic skills and she died after giving birth to her daughter. So the girl was raised by her father belonging to the Warrior family, Ramini Bellator. Rowena was a real wildcat who climbed trees, hunted smaller animals of the forest, fought with boys and retaliated every harm cruelly.

But during her training under the eye of Ramini, she managed to develop the use her power at the highest level to a perfection. She took over the position of master from her father who lost his life defending a novice candidate. Many novices protest in the first armed combat cultus, because their master is a woman, but Rowena achieves to gain their respect very soon. Moreover she turns around the fact she belongs to the gender considered the weaker and uses this as first step to tame the ego of her nagging disciples.

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