The Kyanite Alliance

Heroism, love, and magic await the reader on this memorable adventure.
Kyra always tried hard to follow the Path.
But being divergent in the Village is the most unforgivable sin.
When she turns seventeen, Kyra suffers a brutal attack and is compelled to face her hidden magical powers.
At that very moment, she is judged to doom.
But the masters of the Kyanite Alliance have different plans for her. They take her to their headquarters on the island of Roanna.
The strange alliance’s primary mission is to protect all the parallel universes from the demonic Warlock who is getting closer and closer by the minute.
Kyra has to learn to fight with weapons and pure magic,
meditate and handle her mighty, new powers.
But life on the island of Roanaa isn’t just about learning.
During her training, Kyra gets to know Liam, the hot-headed fire elf and Anguis, the loner snakeman.
After her first Samhain celebration, she experiences the hopeless love. But the secret of a prophecy which she discovers slowly is far more staggering than any other challenge or sentiment that the readers could imagine.
Nora Halliwell’s great work of imaginative fiction has been
labeled both a spiritual adventure and a classic fantasy fiction.

In her first novel this young Hungarian author opens the doors to spiritual mystery and fantasy, which in turn, peaks and activates the readers imagination, as well as long forgotten knowings. The Kyanite Alliance offers readers of varying ages insights to delight and create magical distractions from the everyday world.


The descriptions of scenes and characters were very successful! They are long enough to be artistic but are not boring and leave enought to my imagination. Regarding the plot, I could not put the book aside, because an unexpected twist revved up the course of the events every time. Another positive aspect is in my opinion was that I could not figure out how the female main character’s relationship with men would develop.  


I liked The Kyanite Alliance very much. It is a fantastic novel. The style and the story are totally original and the characters are interesting. In my opinion this fiction is full of potential. I am waiting for the next part very excitedly.


The Kyanite Alliance does not belong to the recent shoddies, considering its atmosphere and characters. The novel is very special. I have  never come across anything similar before. I have taken a like to the protagonists as well, because none of them were typical or conventional. Therefore this fiction is more alive than recent trendy ones.


The Kyanite Alliance

Distributor: Amazon
Lenght: 404 pages
Price: $16.99

Warlock Series – Realm of Wolves

Christopher grew up among werewolves. He risks his life every day, when he hunts for aurdeer so that his loved ones can keeptheir consciousness during the full moon.

But one day he is surprised by stranger wanderers; their Fates intertwine right away. One of the strangers is looking for a talisman. He only knows one thing about its location: it is hidden somewhere in Worennas in the country of werewolves.

After the hermit living in the Sarando Cave provides him guidance, the wanderer is suddenly forced to decide. In order to search the territory of the cruellest and most mysterious werewolf clans in the most efficient way, the group breaks off. Throughout their journey all of them encounter bloodthirsty beasts and determined enemies, while they dig deeper and deeper into the hidden secrets of the country of werewolves.

Some of them make an insane sacrifice for the success of the quest, while someone else gets a chance to discover the abilities slumbering in her. When the wanderers believe that everything is over, they receive help from the most unexpected places.

After the vibrant fairytale of the Kyanite Alliance, in the Realm of Wolves we are about to enter a much darker world. In the Realm of Wolves, we see how the protagonists not only grow stronger individually from the physical and mental trials they face, but also begin to come together as a real team. It’s worth going with them!


Once I started reading the Realm of Wolves, I could not stop. At the end of each chapter, you can’t help but keep reading. I felt an irresistible urge to find out everything, even if it meant finishing the book earlier.


The Warlock series reminds me of the series called Sliders: I always wait with the same curiosity to see what the next plane of existence will be, where the protagonists will cross over. The second book is set in a brutal, bloody and cruel world, as you would expect from a werewolf story. The action sequences are very well done and the exploration of emotions in the Realm of Wolves is even more complex than in the first book. 


There are a lot of dark scenes in the Realm of Wolves, and I think that was a good thing for the book. It is rare for a world-changing mission to always go in the right direction. The fact that our heroes made mistakes and then corrected them made it all that much more believable.


Realm of Wolves

Distributor: Amazon
Lenght: 371 pages
Price: $16.99