I am a fantasy fan who wanted to create something in the genre herself as well, and someone became stepy by step more and more similar to her heroine. I mean it! After giving Kyra the most special magic power I could imagine – the power of healing – I began to take an interest in the topic and started to learn massage therapy.

So, in addition to creating worlds with words, another passion came into play: helping my guests to relax and heal.

I am also very interested in the supernatural; and in spirituality, which is very much present in my novels. And with my discovery of Wing Chun kung-fu and Jeet Kune Do, I also brought into my life the character of the fourth great family of the Kyanite Alliance.

If I go back to my love of storytelling, it goes all the way back to my childhood, when I used to love telling myself stories. But my first serious experiment with writing was the Kyanite Alliance. I started writing this story in the second half of my high school years, and I finished it during my time at university. As I have been learning and experimenting myself, Kyra and her companions in the introductory part of the Warlock series are also learning how to use their magic.

How to Read My Blog?

Beside my books already being available, I would like to provide you with my recent and interesting reading, so I started a blog. It’s categorised by the world of the Warlock Series, which may seem strange at first. Allow me to guide you with sections regarding topics related to my books.

Again, this is a more or less clear column. I’ll share background informations and behind-the-scene secrets about the Warlock Series here.

Thoughts from the Centaur’s Cave
Members of the Kyanite Alliance undergo several years of training before becoming sorceress or mage. The philosophy is part of their training that they learn from their centaur master. This section will only cover topics, that Magister Lucius Sensus would certainly find worth discussing with his students.

Healer’s Manual
The second familiy of the four mentioned above is the Healers. As a massage therapist I find the traditional therapies and alternative methods of health especially exciting, therefore I’m dedicating a separate, large volume article in this topic. If you would like to try any of these methods, please ask for the advice of your family doctor before attempting.

Become a Warrior!
Last but not at least comes the fourth family, the Warriors! Of course there is a great need for them in an order that aims to protect the Light on different planes of existence. This is why mastering armed and magical endeavors is essential for students. In this column I will write about different martial arts trends.

Far Far Away from the Warlock Universes

There are some worlds whose stories aren’t told by me but by others. I kindly recommend you these storytellers as well. I hope my list about them will get longer and longer as time passes.