We arrived to the second fire sign, Leo. This majestic quality is represented by magister Garon Tereus, master of magical combat and leader of the Bellicosus family.

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Although the Leo belongs to the fire element, in their case the emphasis isn’t on brute force or the momentum needed to begin. This sign already leads a complete empire, for example as a captain of a team, a boss or head of a community. They have an especially good hand to keep a group together. Look at the ones they are in charge of from their high throne, they can see the whole picture, give the most fitting task to everybody and inspire them with the most appropriate method. So it isn’t surprising that the King shall be the archetype of the Leo.

The Overbearing Tyrant

On this lowest, almost beastly level, selfish possessiveness, egoism and despotic violence characterises the Leo. Existing as a real dictator, they think they power is automatically due to them without doing anything for deserving it. They maintain their overbearing domination even by violence. They expect everybody to serve them, because they consider people around as their propriety. Moreover they want themselves to be celebrated and glorified without respecting human values.

They always want to stay on the top because the rush invigorates them, furthermore they want to experience the limits of their possibilities. On this level the vanity of the Leo is so strong that they can’t accept criticism at all and can’t hear the judgement of their „crowd of admirers”. They find it very hard to admit that they still have a lot to learn, so they pretend to know everything.

Domineering Monarch

The ego is still pretty strong on this level and the greed for power is still a very dominant feature. They aspire to enjoy every single drop of life and to come in for a lot of „top experience”. The other big trap of this level is the addiction to the appreciation of the outside world, because the Leo’s ego constantly needs external ratifications and the applause of others. So their apparent calm composure covers a deep insecurity, because they always pay attention to reactions from the outside world to their royal role and appearance. Their search for independence and desire for liberal assertiveness is already stronger on this level, but all of this is still guided by the ego. Furthermore, generosity also appears in them, but always combined with other interests. They feel that respect is due to them in exchange.

Sacral King

On this highest level the Leo embodies the analogy of the priest-king, the keeper of faith. They already know that a real king serves his people humbly; it has been matured in his soul through his long life experience.

In this phase the Leo’s power equals their sense of responsibility. They feel that they have to undertake the task of wise leading and domination given to sacral kings, which can guide them to the self-fulfilment. They hold together their community by their love and wisdom, just like the Sun holds planets in its gravitational field, and keeps awake the universal faith. They are already really just and generous kings who are in direct connection with the Celestial hierarchy, so they are always able to follow noble goals.

Magister Garon Tereus

Magister Garon Tereus, master of magical combat and representative of the Leo archetype has the ability to lead in his nature. His agname, Tereus refers to Tereus, the Trace King (however the lustful monarch’s most famous action is diametrically opposed to the way that Garon lives). Garon also comes from a royal family and as the eldest son he was to succeed on the throne. The brave, sincere and charismatic Garon would have been a worthy successful, but his brother plotted against him. Karus organized the assassination of the king and the queen then arranged that every evidence clearly suggested that Garon was guilty.

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Before the assassination attampt Garon was visited by a charmer who could see through Karus’s intentions and tried to warn the prince that his brother was plotting against him. Although it was known that Garon possessed magical abilities (he was able to detonate anything with bare hands), he considered the shadier, less concrete branches of magic as scam and despised them. In addition, he firmly believed in the power of family and considered all accusations against his brother as dirty lies. So he sent the charmer packing. Despite this, the man helped Garon to escape from the dungeon before his execution; he opened a portal for the prince to the island of Roanaa.

Magister Silvanus didn’t plan to call Garon (the soul of the prince didn’t indicate that he was ready for the challenge). But Garon’s heart was so overflown by gratefulness toward the charmer and the Kyanite Alliance that he proved himself to be a very precious ally right from the first moment. He earned the position of magister barely five years after accomplishing his training. Garon had to experience the pain of betrayal and the state of disgrace in order to lose his pride and his prejudice against the mysteries of the empire beyond the material world. He could become a sacral leader only after accepting the representation of the groups entrusted on him with humble heart.

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