The row of fire signs is ended by Sagittarius. As opposed to the melancholy and perceptive Scorpio constantly looking into the depth, this quality regards the world in a completely different way, looking only upwards and always searching for the higher justice. Magister Lucius Sensus, master of philosophy is a worthy representant of the Sagittarius.

Image: Pixabay, Darkmoon Art

Although fire energy manifests on the level of physical power in the case of Aries and as a charismatic leadership in Leo, in the Sagittarius it appears rather on the mental level. They drink up knowledge with unquenchable curiosity and if an idea really ignites the flame of passion in them, they will protect it to the very end. Just like they do to the ones who fall victims to injustice. Their mind is constantly on creating a better world and they aim to also carry out their plans. So it is not surprising that the archetype of the Sagittarius is the Priest.

Haughty Know-it-all

On the lowest level Sagittarius is curious only in intellectual way and they speak to others haughtily, wanting to educate them. Moreover they think that social titles go hand in hand with mental  excellence. They don’t possess the required spiritual perspicacity yet, so they judge people not according to their inner value but their position in social hierarchy.

They are eager to gobble up information and often pleasures without distinction . Furthermore they get power through deception, which they misuse according to their selfish interests. They aim to collect appreciation undeservedly, without real spiritual and moral values. Those university lecturers, spiritual leaders or politicians who worked their way up to the highest position with hard (but not necessarily right) work, act in this manner. They expect respect just because of their title. The biggest task of Sagittarius is the control of their greed, so finding their own Golden Middle in everything.

Cunning Politician

On the intermediate level Sagittarius is still arrogant, so they go confidently on the way of spiritual discovery. They think that they are automatically entitled to superiority given by prestige and knowledge. According to their haughty pomposity they imagine the „noble” changing of the world as forming everything to their own taste. They know certain things in the society need to be changed radically but they think it is possible only by restructuring the system and its legal frames. They still need challenges and spiritual-mental stimulation, however they aren’t motivated by their real development but mostly by the self-serving curiosity of their mind. They undertake every task, try to help everybody and are able to forgive quite often if their philosophical or religious ideas aren’t involved. On the other hand they are so busy with their monumental plans and tasks they considered noble, that they don’t care about the details of everyday life at all. Because of their abstract approach they can think only about the big picture and they constantly search for big holistic connections.

Enlightened Priest

On the highest level of self-realization the Sagittarius already achieves the experience of wisdom, so they can be a spiritual light (torch bearer) for others. They don’t mean Justice anymore as law but as inner Justice and they represent he celestial moral instead of earthly lawl . They are aware of the truth that only  real spirituality can overarch the abyss which exists between human and God from times immemorial.

Magister Lucius Sensus

As on most planes of existence humans are in majority, masters of the Kyanite Alliance also belong to this species. But magister Lucius Sensus, one of the two exceptions, is a centaur. His first name comes from the name Lucius (Light Bearer) and his agname Sensus means sense.

Image: Pixabay, Gruu

The young Lucius living in his herd learnt fast that humans were stupid and greedy, so he shouldn’t trust them under any circumstances. Furthermore as centaurs possessed much higher power of mind than any other species, so they didn’t mix with others either too often and lived  in themselves. But within the herd the cohesion was extremely close and centaurs always came to one another’s aid if it was necessary.

Lucius lived in his herd happily and he was very proud of being a centaur. At the same time despite the prejudice in him, he missed something important and felt that his Fate wasn’t to grow old among his centaurs.

One day Lucius stepped into a trap and broke his leg. He had been struggling for three day lost, injured, without any food and water when masters of the Kyanite Alliance – who actually came for him – finally found him. While healers tended to him carefully, the young centaur rid himself of his old, damning views about humans. And after standing on his feet again, he threw himself body and soul into his new life and accepted the new doctrines with a curious mind. Mixing the centuries-old knowledge of centaurs with everything he received from his masters and he experienced during his quests, step by step  Lucius became one of the wisest members of the Kyanite Alliance. And he left the accumulated spiritual treasures to his fellows with pleasure. That’s why magister Silvanus deemed him as the fittest for becoming the master of philosophy.

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