It is the turn of the second Water sign, Scorpio. After the pleasant-tempered, easy-going Libra, now comes a much heavier and deeper quality. Some people may be shaky from the poisonous sting, the vindictiveness, things hidden insidiously in the subconscious and the thought of the death associated with the eighth member of the zodiac. But the Scorpio’s dark and dreadful quality is also able to turn into light – as the walk of life of magistra Iris Astutas, master of spells and leader of the Delerius family proves.

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While the first Water sign, Cancer resembles to a warm bay which embraces everybody with soft motherly love, the Scorpio is much more like a dead well: looking into it we see only eternal darkness. They can’t stand superficial things and they deem only the raw reality in the depth worthy of their attention. They are extreme personalities who are guided by the principle of “everything or nothing”. Of course, this philosophy of life tests the Scorpio over and over again and they try to get over the challenges, always according to the level of their development. Furthermore they often expect others to descend into the depth with them. And when nobody wants to follow them on the stressful journey, they don’t understand how other people can be satisfied with a superficial half-truth for peace’s sake. It isn’t surprising that the archetype of Shaman is associated with this quality.

Dark Magician

On this low level an intense duality characterises the Scorpio which causes an eternal duel of life and death in them. As opposed to the Libra, it is not romantic love they need, but subversive passion. However, they are caught in the biggest trap of material existence exactly through the intense erotism and extreme sexuality, just like a fly in the spider web. They try to banish their inner struggle into their subconscious, while they hope that through satisfaction of these addictive instincts they can cancel the pain of mortality and the anguish of being enclosed in matter.

The Scorpio often tries to escape from their own Hell so intently that they pass it on others instead of facing it. By chasing passion they misuse their charm and they don’t care how many broken hearts and ruined lives they leave behind. They act like a dark magician who continuously destroys things with their power.

Curious Hermit

On the intermediate level the Scorpio already feels the proximity of a higher reality, but they still aren’t able to reach it. They are searching passionately for the ultimate truth which could liberate their soul. They think that the comprehension of existence is possible through the material, so they are looking for the solution in alchemy, genetics and plastic surgery. They try to live this ancient quality through the pleasures of the flesh, lust, this is also what attracts them to occultism and metaphysical doctrines. They take apart the material during this process, but they can’t find the essential, because they still didn’t quit from the prison of shapes and their soul still wasn’t released from the bond of passionate desires. The polarity is still very intense in them. One pole binds them to the material level and represents the enjoyment of life while the other one indicates a higher spiritual path and motivates for self-sacrfice. Affected by these impulses the Scorpio becomes a personality who has life swing to the extremes as a hedonist or rejects it completely as an ascetic.

White Magician

On this highest level, searching for the soul and transcendence appears in a much more conscious way. The Scorpcio tries to reveal occult secrets and know the metaphysical mysteries in an absolutely unselfish way. They already fit in with the eternal cycle of destruction and rebirth perfectly, so they become reconciled to the thought of transience and being trapped in material. They know as well that a spiritual warrior’s greatest success is the ultimate victory against themselves, the liberation from limits of instincts. And their way leads through their inner mysterious path.

The spiritual explorer „turned into a white eagle” realizes that they can walk on the spiritual path on the long run only alone without any fellow-passengers. For this reason, finding Themself through meditations, appeasing the false voices of mind and defending the temptations of astral body through the domination of their instincts becomes the most important for them.

Magistra Iris Astutas

Magistra Iris Astutas also underwent the development process of the Scorpio. Her agname comes from the word “astutas” which means cunning or tricky. She saw into other people easily already as a child with the aid of her outstanding advanced sixth sense. For this reason the Order of the Black Najas picked up on her very early and they took her with them in order to teach her everything that a Snake-Shaman-Woman needs to know. In the beginning Iris cried and sulked, because the Najas lifted her out of the comfrotable safety of her village. But acquiring the complicated spells, alchemy, the mixing of poisons and antidotes and later the tantric mysteries compensated abundantly the girl eager for the knowledge.

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But when Iris as an adult and initiated Black Naja wanted to visit her family, the image of a village burnt to ashes and a mass of corpses welcomed her. The girl went so blind with rage like never before. She knew that she couldn’t calm down until she settled accounts with the murderers of her family. Following the hints left behind, she found out that it was the soldiers of an enemy horde that launched an attack on them.

Iris was aware of the fact that she would accumulate karmic debt if she revenged her loved ones, but she didn’t care. She traced down the horde and after finding them, she seduced one of the leader’s sons and made him to poison the water supply. But after dozens of men, women and children died choking among cramps and the poor boy was hung, Iris didn’t feel better at all. She was overcome by a continually growing emptiness which was eating her soul up.

The Black Najas didn’t care too much either about the actions of the girl or the pain she felt. On one hand, they thought that the enchantment of the boy and the poisoning of the water were proofs of Iris’s knowledge acquired from them. On the other hand, they considered everything that happened to the girl’s family as inevitable necessities for closing down her earlier life.

Iris felt everything more and more pointless and hopeless, moreover the assassination weighed on her soul. She was thinking about killing herself when the masters of the Kyanite Alliance found her. The girl hung onto the hope that by working for the Kyanite Alliance she could redeem her sins just like a drowning man holds onto his last breath. Iris did an outstanding service for the Kyanite Alliance with her advanced sixth sense; she saved the life of her fellows and helped them to victory during many battles. Beside this she showed a special affinity for studying spells which she regarded as enigmatic mysteries, moreover she also invented several ones herself. Her strong abilities and determination made her fit for the magisterial title and for becoming the leader of the Delerius family. Magister Silvanus entrusted Iris with the double responsibility with pleasure as he wanted to give her as much chance as possible for redemption.

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