We arrived to the second air sign, Libra. As opposed to the Virgo who is a devotee of puritan severity, this quality is all about beauty and arts. It’s represented by magister Diotor Aequitos, master of magical species.

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As an airy sign, Libra also fills a mediator role among the other signs – just like Gemini. However, they don’t connect people, communities and ideologies through the sphere of intellect but the world of senses and impressions. They realize that everybody has their own truth, so they can bring completely opposing viewpoints closer to each other with brilliant sense, as a real diplomat.

For Libra, arts and beauty aren’t only necessities, but tools of creating harmony. Therefore they “consume” them in a very different way from Taurus, who places the emphasis on possession and the delight of the material world. Libra approaches the sphere of aesthetics in a much more ethereal way. A delicious wine tasting is only the introduction to a discussion about the newest book, piece or exhibition for them. Moreover they often create themselves. So it isn’t surprising at all that the archetype of Libra is the Artist.


On this lowest level the Libra’s main desire is to experience love through the adoration of the world. The only important thing for them is being liked by others, but there isn’t any real spiritual content behind their ambition. They try to call everybody’s attention to themselves just like influencers who show off through their social media channels hunting for clicks, but without offering any real value. Their production, appearance and full substance are only the empty, superficial aesthetics, a collection of shallow things just to delight the senses.


On this level the Libra has already found a great truth: looking of the Unity is very important for everybody. They also search for it through arts and romantic relationships. Moreover the urge for the aesthetic refinement of material level appears in their subconscious. The Libra already sees that physical form can’t provide the right alchemic solution, so they try to break away from this level by the aid of arts and erotica. They still don’t see the reality but at least they regard the world of aesthetic shapes through different glasses.

They look for ideal relations because they would like to create harmony between different people and theories. In favour of this they aspire to amicability and balance and prefer the diplomacy in their communication. But as the downside of this attitude they are incapable of a backboned statement. They mostly consider, hesitate and equivocate, avoiding a definite answer because they feel it would be hurtful. They don’t realize that they make self-denying, harmful compromises which suppress desires of their own heart.

Apostle of the Art of Erotica

On the highest level the Libra is fully aware of their main quest: restoring the state of original unity (unio mystica). They know that love must be separated from matter and sensuality, because it is not the physical aesthetics, but the spiritual psychical intimacy that is really important. The most essential recognition of this level is glimpsing and feeling ourselves in the other person (we meet the divine spark in them).

Magister Diotor Aequitos

Magister Diotor Aequitos turned out to be blessed with a great talent already as a child. When sang, his crystal clear, child’s voice charmed everybody in town, moreover upon listening to him, people felt a curious sense of peace. His agname comes from here, a version of the word aequitas which means psychical calm and balance. But the cherry on top regarding his talent was the ability to sing like any bird because he knew the language of every animals and magical species. His father was a cold and grumpy man who didn’t spend too much time with his family. But he also realized that Diotor stood out from his brothers. So his father made him learn from the most famous master, although he had to work day and night in order to pay for the lessons. But his efforts were worth it. Diotor was only thirteen years old when a lord from the neighbouring country picked up on his singing and hired him as a bard.

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The boy was fond of his new luxurious life in the lord’s palace. Living with his quite well-off merchant father, he wasn’t lacking anything earlier either but he had to content himself with the most basic and plain meals and garments. At home he had never tasted such delicious gourmandises or wore clothes of so fine silk, velvet and leather like he did as a bard. Moreover his voice matured into a pleasant baritone and his virtuosic lyre playing was admired by the guests of his new master.

But as years passed, Diotor grew tired of the luxurious, but empty life. As he didn’t have any tasks except singing and playing, he sauntered a lot in the surrounding village. He saw that with the high taxes how hard people have to work to make a living, while the lord spent the money immeasurably. After this Diotor couldn’t sing the glory of his master with a honest heart anymore. Moreover his father demanded more and more money – even if the boy had supported his family constantly.

The turning-point was the moment when Diotor realized that he fell in love with Dióra, the daughter of the herb-woman from the village. Of course the lord wouldn’t even hear of the marriage. Therefore Diotor had to resort to fraud: he arranged his death, then he ran away with Dióra to a faraway country and they settled down there. The girl had learnt her mother’s profession and Ditor’s magical ability qualified him to help sick or injured animals as a whisperer. The newlyweds lived in a simple way but in peace and love. And when they sang together, they invoked a magic that Diotor could never do alone.

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Diotor and Dióra joined to the Kyanite Alliance together as well, when they were about forty, after their four children had left the family home. The man who developed in himself the love of real beauty, the openness to heavenly love, the ability to create harmony and of course the knowledge of magical species, achieved the magisterial title eighteen years later. Now, with his ninety-eight years, he is one of the oldest masters. Unfortunately his wife isn’t alive anymore. But Diotor is still in love with the memory of his Dióra.

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