Our third archetype is Gemini. After the calm and considered Taurus, Gemini is a real rolling stone who possesses outstanding communication skills, despite being sometimes a little deconcentrated. Every bit of the Gemini reflects the air element. And who could represent its qualities better than magistra Balthamos Levitas, master of the languages?

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Information flow is a necessity for the Gemini. They pick up fresh crumbs of knowledge, news and gossip as swift wind in order to forward them. Since they only brush the surface of exciting ideas, they might seem well-informed but their knowledge stays superficial. However their task isn’t necessarily to become an expert of a particular field, but to connect people with the most adequate information like air carries different things. Making contacts easily and quickly also belongs to the Gemini’s abilities so the archetype of Merchant perfectly fits to them.


On this lowest level the Gemini misuses the faith of others trust without feeling any remorse. They are cunning and sly so they know perfectly how to manipulate others. They use their ability on a level similar to seller’s lying in wait for their prey in shopping centres where they sell low-quality stuff for exurberant prices. They list the advantages of their product with so much enthusiasm that they manage to attract customers. In the meantime the Gemini calms their conscience by telling themselves that they only provide the costumers with the objects of their desire. Since their morality isn’t very developed yet, they don’t achieve the phase where they think about what is better for their fellow-creatures: selling a product which might be harmful for them or offering them nothing at all.


In this level an unquenchable desire appears in Gemini to get to know the world. They look for experience eagerly, because their mind is open for every novelty. Thus they would like to know and observe as much as possible but without real commitment. They are extremely multifaceted people who start more activities at the same time, but don’t invest too much energy into any of them. They act like this because their curious mind can’t focus and disperses their concentration.

The ability of mediation also appears on this level, but it is distorted by selfish interests: the Gemini wants financial power. The root of their failures is their attempt to focus on everything at the same time in a superficial way. Moral values aren’t really important for them. They only want to sell the product, knowledge, service or feeling they think people want.


On this highest level the Gemini is already a credible mediator of spiritual knowledge. They dedicate their communication skills and contact making abilities to higher spirituality. Consequently they don’t bargain anymore, so they don’t waste their talents and they transmit only real and useful knowledge to their disciples.

Magistra Balthamos Levitas

The case of Gemini is similar to Aries: I imagined a female character to a more masculine quality. So the archetype of the Merchant is also embodied by a magistra.

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Magistra Balthamos Levitas is a cheerful young woman who instantly strikes the right note with everybody. Her agname, the Levitas means ‘lightness’. Her lifestory is pretty uncommon in the history of the Kyanite Alliance. She became orphan with her three siblings after their parents died during a mugging. Originally the children didn’t have any magical powers. But the cunning little girl who was often up to mischief, enticed their siblings to steal a lamp and its resident, a genie from the merchant who arrived to their town. Balthamos hoped that their problems would be solved this way and they don’t have to beg anymore. But one of their wishes had unexpected circumstances; all four of them became wielders of magical powers. So they also became fit for joining to the Kyanite Alliance.

Balthamos and her siblings moved to the island of Roanaa already as children. The novicia was interested in everything the masters taught her but she had a special talent for acquiring languages. After the Trials of Elements she joined the Exploratoris family (even if she felt a little bad about dismissing the three other possibilities). Balthamos lived the archetype of the Merchant during her quests by always exchanging of precious information. She had a brilliant sense for these things.

When the magisterial title had been offered to her, she found it very hard to imagine herself in the new role. In the beginning she was unwilling to leave the other planes of existence behind and settle down in the predictable environment of the island of Roanaa. But the training of novicias and novices of different ages and background offered the magistra a challenge which compensated her aplenty. She always manages to bring together the newer and newer groups due to her unpaired ability of making contact, her lightheartedness and sense of humour.

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