I’m going to soon publish the second part of the Warlock-series, the Realm of Wolves. In the last moments of waiting I’m sharing with you a fun fact related to the story to put you in the mood. Some of you already know that I’m vegan. Of course this fact isn’t so shocking in itself. But you might be surprised when you realise that my convictions and eating habits seeped into the Warlock-multiverse with werewolves living on a plant-based diet and avoiding items made from animal materials.

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How the Hell Can You Make Werewolves on a Plant-Based Diet Work?

Of course anything that happens to the author also has a very powerful influence on the story. I started to seriously experiment with the vegan life style when I was writing the Realm of Wolves. And I saw The Game Changers when I was creating the strongest werewolf clan. I gained a lot of inspiration from James Cameron’s documentary and of Ori Hofmekler’s book, the Warrior’s Diet. So the members of this somewhat peculiar werewolf clan eat „pumpkin grated by the Source stuffed with rusty lentils” „white marrow rose stew” and “layered potatoes” instead of meat. They have their most abundant meals in the evenings after the hard work and training, when their „battles have been fought” and they can have a rest.

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Peace-Bowl form the Island of Roanaa

The sorceresses and mages coming from the Kyanite Alliance who meet members of the renegade wolf clan mentioned above marvel at their strange lifestyle in the beginning. But they take to it very quickly. I tried to create the island of Roanaa already as a utopistic place where novices not only spend the years training, but they heal and gather strength if they need it. This paradisiacal island of peace is completely devoid of violence therefore there isn’t any livestock raised for their meat.

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Despite this, Silvanus doesn’t want to deprive the students from the familiar meals. Cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks and fish live on the island of Roanaa as domestic animals, freely grazing, feeding and swimming. In the very beginning, the sorceresses and mages asked the animals for a few drops of honey, a gulp of milk, an egg and the permission to gently remove some fibres from their bodies by magic and the soul of animals granted their wish. Since then, the helpers take care of them and their precious donations are constantly multiplied with the help of a tricky potion. So members of the Kyanite Alliance obtain magical „synthetic” meat, cheese, cottage cheese and egg in a very humane way.

Daily Routine in Worennas

The Realm of Wolves is set in a country named Worennas whose culture is reminiscent of the early Middle Ages and the Ancient Irish traditions. So in the biggest part of the country, people and werewolves eat meat and meals prepared from animal materials. But reflecting on the conditions of those times, in the houses of peasant families meat is only consumed on Sundays and on special holidays while their main nutrition source is grains.

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In the rough and hard world of the Realm of Wolves hunting also appears. But only the Black Wolf clans serving the Shadows kill without thought, just for fun. Those who stand on the side of the Light, generally hunt only when they need food during their wanderings. However, we encounter a very special case already at the beginning of the story. One of the main characters, Christopher hunts down an aurdeer every month. But he does this so that the members of the White Werewolf clan who adopted him can keep their human consciousness during full moon and this way they don’t attack anybody.

Photo: Pixabay, shriekmaster

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