We arrived to Pisces, the last one of the Water signs and the whole zodiac. This sign is also a real idealist like the Aquarius but they are more into floating in the collective subconscious than innovative ideas. Magister Fiona Veritas as the master of meditation and as a mermaid is a worthy representative of this quality.

Image: Pixabay, Gerd Altmann

If we associate a softly embracing warm bay to the Cancer and the depth of a dead well full of secrets to the Scorpio, the quality of Pisces is expressed by the image of the endless seas in the most vivid way. The subtly streaming waves surround and was over everything, suggesting that everything is one deep down. For this reason the Pisces get in tune with others and imagine themselves into their shoes very easily. However completely forgetting their borders, they might be caught by the trap of giving up themselves. But if they use their abilities well, they can became a real Samaritan.

Cowardly Martyr

On the lowest level the Pisces lives a chaotic, uncertain and aimless life. They are anxious and try to avoid every conflict. They want to get away with life and flee from difficulties led by the principle “if I don’t hurt anybody, nobody will hurt me”. They still can’t turn their increased emotional sensibility towards higher purposes. As a dazed and wandering martyr, they completely give up their personality to the outside world, renouncing every way of self-vindication. But this sacrifice isn’t a conscious choice, as it comes from a terribly strong existential distress and the claim of a completely deformed vision of peace. Moreover the Pisces often gets caught into the net of alcohol, drugs and gambling, where they are looking for the desired sea-experience.

Self-Deluded Artist

The naive credulity that makes the Pisces see and interpret the world through pink glasses is still typical on this level. They strongly aspire for relaxation but they look for it in religious communities, on the way of esoterism or in arts instead of drugs and alcohol. The aptitude for illusions and overmistification still appears in them, but their mental awareness is already higher, their will is stronger and their sense of moral is more advanced. They try to climb to a higher developmental level. They might use psychedelic drugs for this but they aren’t so strongly dependent on them as earlier were.

They still didn’t recognize deeply enough that real break from the material can’t be reached this way as this is only ignoring reality. A lot of ambivalent emotions come forward in them. On the one hand, they thirst for transcendent experience, on the other hand, they cling to the values of physical reality as they instinctively feel that they will need to let go of their ego sooner or later. Moreover they already know that they have to give up their personality which is only possible on a material level if they forget the selfish goals of the ego in favour of others. This, however, might easily turn into a spiritual trap which often condemns the Pisces to the role of martyr-victim. This can be their own choice but it is mostly a necessity resulted by destiny.


On the higher level the Pisces already lives the sea-experience which occultists in the Middle Ages called unio mystica. We can claim rightly that they reached the transcendent perfection through their deep meditative trances where they realize the unity and impartibility of mankind. It is already obvious for the Pisces that this mystic unity can be found only on the level of soul but never in the material. As this messianic spirit voluntarily accepted making sacrifice, they don’t have to face the barriers of physical level.

Magistra Fiona Veritas

Magistra Fiona Veritas had lived as a member of a small flock of mermaids before she arrived to the island of Roanaa. Her agname, Veritas means truth. As a youth, she believed she didn’t have to look for the true essence of life because she could find it in the flow of the sea embracing her and her fellows and in the companion of the beloved aquatic beings. Although she could appear as a human stepping on the surface and getting dry, she watched other species very rarely and only remotely as she was untouched by them.

Image: Pixabay, KELLEPICS

But one day Fiona lost her flock and got tangled into a fishnet. She tried to break free in vain; the ropes entwined her tighter and tighter and pulled her toward the surface. In the end she was wrenched from the water by strong hands and was pushed to the floor of a ship. The moment her glance met one of the fisherman’s, his greedy look disappeared and its place was taken by astonishment. Fiona took advantage of her attacker’s surprise and called her marine friends. Dolphins came to help her who tried to throw the ship of its balance. The fishermen immediately left Fiona alone. In the chaos she grabbed a knife, freed herself and jumped into the depth. She and her friends succeeded to fly from the fishermen, but a young dolphin got injured. Fiona attended her carefully until she recovered. Meanwhile she was preparing a plan.

After that she spent the biggest part of her time in a cave above the surface seducing sailors in her neighbourhood by her ethereal singing. Fiona called a lot of fishermen, explorers and warriors to her. She discovered very soon that she had a special ability for affecting others mood. In their bewitched state when they were open-minded, she showed the miracles of life to their “victims” and explained them that humans weren’t born to dominate other species but to protect them. Then she let the sailors go.

Fiona also filtered through herself all that the humans told her about their lives and she often meditated. She began to dream about the members of the Kyanite Alliance during this period. She welcomed the envoys as old friends when they came for her. She didn’t feel sorrow for leaving her previous life behind, only gratefulness because she could experience all this. She stepped on the island of Roanaa with open heart and curious mind. Fiona became an outstanding charmer who helped her fellows a lot with her special ability and empathy during their missions. It wasn’t a question for magister Silvanus to give her the magisterial title when time has come.

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