Aquarius closes the row of Air Signs. Just like Capricorns, they spend a lot of time in their head, closed in the fortress of their thoughts. But as opposed to the conservative and obedient Capricorn, the Aquarius is a real revolutionary. This developmental path was also walked by magister Oneiros Seditiosus, master of foreign planes of existence.

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As opposed to the two other airy signs, Gemini and Libra, who transmit information gently effecting the intellect or through sensations and impressions, the Aquarius has got a much more radical role. They question every old, ingrained rule and sweep away what they find obsolate. But as long as they use this ability without enough consciousness, they might throw out real values alongside the outdated things. Their sharp eyes and sense of humour that caricatures the flaws of the old, binding structures make them similar to a Wise Fool.


On this lowest level, the need for innovation lives very intensively in the Aquarius. But their intention is still completely self-centred, so it creates anarchy. They are the typical revolutionists and liberals who feel they have to do something to bring about change. But they are only motivated by stubborn obsessions, moreover they lack empathy. Thus they also ignore the fact that the realization of their plans wouldn’t be the optimal solution for everybody. Since on this level we can’t speak of a developed emotional intelligence, the Aquarius often tries to innovate in spite of others free will, by demolishing old barriers aggressively and arbitrarily. They are not aware that the change leading to real freedom always starts inside each individual.

Humanist Sociologist

The Aquarius notices that something is wrong with social structures and there are plenty of bad practices in the system. They find that the solution for these problems would be the development of technology. On this level, they still don’t sense how false this idea is. So they try to help mankind by using more and more modern technical innovations. But they don’t recognize that this is all for nothing, because redemption can’t exist on the material level (this is the dead-ebd of technological civilisations). As they return into their ivory tower with their favourite subject to study, they selfishly close themselves into their heads and try to become completely independent, they become immensely lonely. They still avoid every kind of emotional boundary because they are persuaded that these only pull back and restrain them. They don’t realise that they deprive themselves from the very thing they secretly desire.


Arriving to the highest level, the Aquarius becomes a teacher who lives for mankind and who has already given up their individual ambitions and egoistic desires, so they are completely free. As they have risen above barriers of the material existence, they can see from a bird’s eye view that mankind is lost in the maze of existence and is fumbling in the labyrinth of knowledge. This helps them to leave behind majestic ideals and ideologies and to sacrifice themselves as a real Prometheus in order to teach the essence of rebirth to their fellows.

Magister Oneiros Seditiosus

Magister Oneiros Seditiosus grew up among bandits. His father was the leader of Peregrines and his mother was the only daughter of a wealthy civilian family who had been forced by their parents to abandon her child in order to avoid the shame. But Otloros Seditiosus was incredibly proud to have a son and he taught him everything he knew.

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Oneiros proved himself to be an outstanding disciple and did everything to be loyal to his agname which means rebel. The Peregrines weren’t only simple bandits. They handled their sword masterfully, they moved on trees like acrobats and they often irritated monarchs on purpose, whose wasteful way of life – according to them – caused the poverty of their subjects. The Peregrines deeply despised wealth that they considered as the death of freedom. They contented themselves with the food, water and raw materials given by forests… or appropriated from those who had too much.

The Peregrines camped in one place only for a short time. They were constantly on the move in order to teach a lesson to inhabitants of newer and newer noble courts. Generally they lay in ambush at roads, but sometimes they infiltrated a castle in order to refill their supplies or cause a scandal at feasts.

Once they attacked an envoy just for fun. The boy was taking a message to the monarch of the neighbouring country. The king asked for his help to beat back the enemy threatening the borders.  The envoy didn’t want to give away the message. In the end there was a fight and he bumped his head against a stone and died at that very moment. Oneiros was horrified. He fell out with his father and left the Peregrines.

For lack of support, the king was defeated and the enemy occupied his country. One of the new monarch’s actions was eradicate bandits without mercy. He had the Peregriens caught, held and hung up one by one – except Oneiros.

The new monarch reigned with such bloody hands that in the end the warriors of the Kyanite Alliance had to intervene. Oneiros finally felt that his life make sense again when the people in red cloaks and armour he had seen many times in his dreams, appeared in front of him. He led the warriors to the neighbouring country whose king sent enough soldiers to beat the tyrant with a crafty military tactic. Oneiros himself fought among the soldiers as well. In this manner he fulfilled his first quest before completing a single day of his training. Due to his strong sense of justice, respect for free will, acuteness and brilliant sense of direction in the labyrinth of parallel universes, he earned the magisterial title later.

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