Scientific Principles of Self-Healing II.

From the previous article it has become clear that people aren’t victims of their genetic qualities. On the contratry, we are responsible for our health. In order to take back the control of our body, we have to change our perception. But despite having the recipe to being completely healthy, we also have difficulties in […]

Scientific Principles of Self-Healing I. 

In the following two weeks we are going to talk about the ability of self-healing. Most people obviously think that it is a magic power fitting into fantasy stories. Who on the earth could recover from a deadly injury in less than no time? Yes, in this form this ability is only for making a […]

The Magical Creating Power of New Year’s Resolutions

What would you do differently in 2021? Some people think that New Year’s resolutions are a waste of time and they focus only on the party on 31th December. However, if we take a look at the deeper meaning of the resolutions, we can see how important it is to set goals and intentions for the new year.

Cross the Ravine!

Last week I wrote about what we can do to keep us healthy on a physical level during the autumn and winter season. Now we are moving on the emotional balance, which is also very important if we want to avoid diseases. The crisis we’re living through tests substantially our ability to regain our inner balance.

Put an End to Dystopia!

I envisioned the island of Roanaa as a truly beautiful and special, almost utopian world. But what happens when one is forced to live in the exact opposite of it? Let’s take a look at the specifically distopian world where the story begins and where our heroine, Kyra comes from !