In the following two weeks we are going to talk about the ability of self-healing. Most people obviously think that it is a magic power fitting into fantasy stories. Who on the earth could recover from a deadly injury in less than no time? Yes, in this form this ability is only for making a world where magic is a key factor more exciting. But the theory about the possibility of self-healing by the power of mind has real scientific foundations. Dr. Bruce Lipton, developmental biologist explains this theory in his book, The Biology of Belief.

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Modern medicine is very efficient in managing cases where immediate medical intervention is life-saving. These kinds of cases are traumas of accidents, removals of large tumours, replacing an injured organ by a synthetic device or restraining a grave septic infection. On the other hand, medical methods seem less suitable in healing long-standing illnesses like the Alzheimer disease or diabetes. According to Dr. Lipton this isn’t the fault of doctors but their training’s.

Where is the problem? 

The principles of medicine originated in the materialist perspective of Democritus, claiming that everything consists of atoms and nothing exist but matter. So the human body is considered only as a complex machine. As for the question of control, the current point of view is – since the discovering of genes –  that everything is determined by DNA. This way people are victims of their inherited tendencies and not responsible for their health.

But quantum physics brought a turning point. This theory claims that everything consists of waves, namely vibrations which can increase or reduce each other’s effect depending on their synchronicity. Every animal and plant communicates by vibrations. If gazelles weren’t able to identify the intentions of lions, they would pay with their life. This holds true to people as well. If we were able to get information by vibes, we could avoid bad relationships, exploitative workplaces, unpleasant fellow travellers and pubs with an aggressive ambience. But we are socialized to follow the prescriptions of others instead of our intuition.

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Dr. Lipton mentions a quote which claims that language was designed to hide our feelings. In my opinion this is a bit of an exaggeration. Of course oppression of our intuition wouldn’t be possible without a conventional code system. On the other hand language also has a very strong creating function. This expands the possibilities of people, if we learn to synchronize the language with our intuition. 

What does this mean for our physical health?

Multiple vibrations constitute a field. According to Albert Einstein the field has to be studied in order to understand the workings of particles. This holds true to human body as well. The 150 kinds of proteins in our body work as cogwheels setting different functions into motion (e.g respiration, cardiac function, muscle contraction). This kind of behaviour is always triggered by signals (drugs, chemicals, hormones or vibes) which causes the movement of proteins. So „bad behaviour” can caused by 

If we change our consciousness, we can change the biological operation of our body. 50% of our chromosomes consist of DNA and the other 50% of proteins covering the double helix. The movement of the latter determines which DNA sections can be read and become dominant. According to the epigenetic control, our perception controls the signal. As we can change it anytime, we are not that vulnerable! 

Photo: Pixabay, Gerd Altmann

Our perception can be right or wrong, therefore it would be more correct to call it belief. So we can say that our belief is the primary operator of our life. This claim is confirmed by the placebo effect. But there are also very extreme examples. Members of Fundamental Baptist religious group on the Southern part of the USA set themselves into ecstatic state, then they get bitten themselves by rattlesnakes and drink strychnine in toxic amount without any damaging effect. 

But we are programmed for dependency instead of strong belief, so poisons have an effect us. If we succeeded to overwrite this program, we could regain the control on our health. However this isn’t an easy job at all.  

Why do we get sick? 

Dr. Lipton identifies stress as the primary cause of illnesses. There is a lot of logic in his thoughts, because in the state of stress, when the „hit or run” reflex turns on, blood flows instantly into our limbs. It means that energy supply of our intestines and immune system drop off almost completely. Growth and keeping in line of pathogenic germs are temporarily reduced to background in order to give an instant, instinctive answer to a tough situation. But growth is essential in the long run – even in adulthood – because our body has to produce new cells instead of the dying ones. And if our immune system doesn’t work well, pathogenic germs make us sick.

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It is also clear that we can’t be in the state of growth and defence simultaneously. We are led either by repulsion/fear or attraction/love in a certain moment. But I would emphasize that stress is not necessarily bad and I would call the negative state described by Dr. Lipton “dread” than “stress”. Fear is just a signal which warns us in a certain situation, and if we listen to it, we can put an end to the “emergency” of our body very easily. Beside this, leaving of our comfort zone can also evoke fear in us, because we leave the old safe state for something unknown. But in ideal case this state doesn’t take too long, because we get used to the new circumstances quickly. 

So the problem is not the stress but its permanent existence in our life. It can happen if we shut up our intuition because of the obedience we were trained for and we don’t move away from a toxic life situation. 

Dr. Lipton also points out that after eliminating stress we are only in a neutral state which is not enough for wellness and health. The best tool to inspire growth is love. The case of the children left in orphanages in Rumania during the Ceausescu era is a very spectacular example for this. They received everything to satisfy their physical needs but they didn’t get love. Children were adopted later, but they struggled permanently with learning disability, attention deficit and depression because of the previous state.

You can watch Dr. Lipton’s full lecture here:

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