What would you do differently in 2021? Some people think that New Year’s resolutions are a waste of time and they focus only on the party on 31th December. However, if we take a look at the deeper meaning of the resolutions, we can see how important it is to set goals and intentions for the new year.

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To use spells is considered a basic skill in most subgenres of fantasy and fairy tales. The members of the Kyanite Alliance for example open doors, manifest objects or make them disappear and cast spells on their enemies. Of course uttering the words is only the first step, it’s the setting of the intention. But spells should also include the caster’s expectations who have to let their creation go with the firm belief that the manifestation is on its way. Sorceresses and mages receive feedback immediately as a door unlocks or icy arrows pour on their enemies.

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Are There Any Connection between Tales and Reality?

Those who have taken Rhoda Byrne’s book, The Secret, in their hands or have heard about José Silva’s mind control method already know how serious the real basics of the spells in tales are. In our everyday life what we wish for doesn’t appear as quickly on the physical level as in stories. For this reason we have to battle our doubts and rise above them, focusing only on our intent.

But the first step is the same in our „lazy” world as in the case of sorceresses and mages. Correct intentions have to be chosen. The new year always proposes an excellent occasion for this. After a year like the previous one was, when a lot of things fell apart, I think we really need resolutions and purposes to help us move ahead.

The Power of Thoughts

Before our ideas gain new power for manifestation in the form of words, they circulate in our head as thoughts. So it’s a good idea to be selective already on this level and be very clear on what we would like to achieve. It can help a lot if we set aside some time every day to visualize that our wishes and intents come true and let us feel the joy they inspire in us. Beside this, we also have to exile negative thoughts before they would get a chance to come true. Good news is that positive thoughts and emotions have a much more intensive creating power.

Photo: Pixabay, Gerd Altmann

Follow your Intuitions! 

If you succeeded in putting what you would like to achieve into words and you also visualize regularly that it comes true, the next step is to take an action. Of course you have to pay attention to how you go about this. Realising our intents requires some time and energy. But if you try too hard or you hang on to your exact idea of how things should happen, you are doing it wrong. In this case just take a step back and trust life to take its course. Sooner or later impulses will arrive and you will feel that they bring you closer to acheiving your goals. When the time comes, take the action without hesitating and go with the flow.

Good luck on using your spells!

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