From the previous article it has become clear that people aren’t victims of their genetic qualities. On the contratry, we are responsible for our health. In order to take back the control of our body, we have to change our perception. But despite having the recipe to being completely healthy, we also have difficulties in doing our task. The second part of Dr. Lipton‘s book, The Biology of Belief talks about the root of this problem and proposes possible solutions for it.

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Where Does Our Perception Come from?

Of course the main question is: where does our perception come from and why is it so hard to change it?

95-99% of our life is controlled by the habits of the subconscious mind and we use the conscious mind only at the rest of the time. We make a certain mistake quite often: we focus our conscious thoughts on the past or on the future. It means that we aren’t in the present, so the current happenings can be sabotaged by the negative programs of our subconscious mind. Moreover, the conscious mind can process only 40 bits of data per second while the subconscious one can deal with 40 million bits. So the balance of forces between them is pretty unequal.

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How Can We Moderate This Huge Difference?

Buddhist Mindfulness

This state helps by staying conscious in situations that push the buttons of the learned programs. Of course it requires a lot of practice and self-analysis, because most people don’t even realize the patterns running in them as an answer reaction and what triggers it. If we manage to catch these processes when we look back at events, it is already a half of the success and a very important step on our way.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy takes back us into the programmable state where we can rewrite our old patterns. As adults we have very high and low ranges of vibration activity of our brain (EEG) going on all the time. In our developments we jump over to the higher and higher vibrations.

The first six years before the achieving consciousness is the programmable state. We have to go back to this state if we want to use this method successfully.

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Energy Psychology

There is a group of new psychological modalities called energy psychology (e.g: holographic repatterning, body talk, E.M.D.R., E.F.T., PSYCH-K). They propose a solution quicker than the hypnotherapy for overwriting patterns in our subconscious. They can change the belief you had in entire life in 15-20 minutes. Many of them create a state of super-learning similar to that one when we were as infant.

Creating the External Reality by Thoughts

Our thoughts don’t only work inwards toward our body but outward as well. Our brain activity is readable by a method called magnetoencephalography (MEG) even without electrodes touching the scalp. So our thoughts aren’t contained in our head but in the field. We create vibrations by them and activate those things in the world we are synchronized with. That’s why a robber can find like the weakest link easily, whose fear from a possible attack is the biggest and who will thus be the easiest prey. Our mental vibrations are more powerful if a whole group focuses on the same goal. So we create the reality around us collectively.

What Is the Construction of Our Brain?

This model described by Dr. Lipton reminds us to Plato’s idea which likened the human soul to a winged chariot. According to this theory this chariot is pulled by a white and a black horse and kept in balance by the charioteer. Interestingly Plato thought people whose personality is dominated by the white horse, namely the super-ego as the fittest for leading the state. Those who are determined by the charioteer would be guards and people led by the black horse would be servants in Plato’s state.

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By contrast Dr. Lipton thinks that personalities controlled by self-consciousness and people living in a healthy balance are the most noble. I also agree with this point of view. People who are determined by their super-ego would be great counsellors. But a leader has to be able to stand their ground for representing their people. 
For this valuable self-consciousness we need a mixture of thoughts perceived by super-consciousness and instincts and experience working in the subconscious. If we use all of this we can create a new life that we would like to. So self-aware people live according to an improved version of their original, learned program and their own accomplished thoughts.

What Creates the Life We Have?

To sum up, we can declare that Spirit, the elements from the field and the influence of the Spirit in ourselves (the mental process) creates the life. Our belief gives importance and power to signals. The buttons controlling the processes in us and in our environment are in our hands. So dare to use the gift of free will and enjoy our life!

You can watch Dr. Lipton’s full lecture here:

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