As I have mentioned earlier, the four elements have a special importance among the doctrines of the Kyanite Alliance. Fire, earth, water and air are connected very strongly to one of the main families sorceresses and mages can join after accomplishing the Trial of Elements. Each of these main families are represented by three magistras or magisters who are responsible for the training of novicias and novices. Let’s see which are the most important features of the four families!

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 Let Me Play the Lion, Too! – Bellicosus, Family of Warriors

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Members of this family are mostly fire-hearted and are represented by Magistra Rowena Bellatora, Magister Garon Tereus and Magister Lucius Sensus. Warriors are typically full of drive, fire and energy. If it’s about a direct encounter – may it be a battle of wits, fistfight, armed or magical combat –  they don’t know fear and never back out. Victory gives meaning to their lives, so they always stand their ground with brave heart. They heat and animate everybody by their impressive courage and power, so they can be great leaders. On the other hand, they aren’t very good at patience, tact and tenderness. They have to learn to control this rampant element, otherwise they might act guided by sudden impulses. In this case they have to face the consequences later; that they caused destruction just like a forest fire that might have resulted in irreparable damage.

You Are in Good Hands with Us! – Salutaris, Family of Healers 

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Members of the family are mostly earth-hearted and are represented by Magister Septimo Voluptas, Magistra Viola Cellandris and Magister Xenoto Sapientus. Healers keep their feet on the ground. They are solid, reliable people and taking care of others is a second nature to them. They feel at home in nature and they are experts of herbs. Due to their peaceful, calm power, they are able to awake a sensation of security in people and magical creatures entrusted to them. Moreover, if their protégés are in danger, they shield them solidly like living rocks, down to their last breath. But if this energy is too powerful in somebody, they easily become rigid and down to earth. Diverging from the original plan or getting integrated into a new community can pose challenges for them.

I Feel with You! – Delerius, Family of Charmers 

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Members of the family are mostly water-hearted and are represented by Magistra Artemesia Patientia, Magistra Iris Astutas and Magistra Fiona Veritas. Charmers are especially receptive for the invisible empire of feelings and mysteries beyond the material world. They can see the root of fears and desires guiding their enemies, allies and protégés without any difficulties. They have almost no boundaries, so they can become instantly attuned to everybody in their environment, even if they don’t want to. Their inborn magical ability is often a passive power which adapts to their emotional abilities and intensifies their specific features. All this makes charmers fit for healing in a psychical way and for confusing their enemies by customized illusions. They have to pay attention to keep their tidal wave of emotions in check, otherwise it covers them in and takes away from the reality. 

Let’s Consider Our Possibilities! – Exploratoris, Family of Explorers

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Members of the family are mostly air-hearted and are represented by Magistra Balthamos Levitas, Magister Diotor Aequitos and Magister Oneiros Seditiosus. Explorers are born diplomats who are able to melt in instantly, it doesn’t matter to which plane of existence life takes them to. They get along with the inhabitants and make them believe that they belong to the locals. Besides this, due to their crookedness and rhetoric talent, they are masters of finding out precious information from their interlocutors unperceived. They often travel different worlds alone, work themselves into emperor’s favour and deliver news for Master Silvanus, even for many years. They are great strategists and due to their clear and logical thinking, they find the best tactics in every situation. But if they don’t pay attention and the storm of thoughts grows on them, they are apt to overthink a problem instead of acting. They also forget sometimes that they have to cooperate with their fellows.

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