Did you grow up reading about the adventures of young witches and wizards? Are you constantly looking for books like Harry Potter since the end of the big battle in Hogwarts? If your answer is yes, then you will certainly like the prequel to the Warlock Fantasy Series, The Kyanite Alliance.

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What should you know about The Kyanite Alliance?

The headquarters of the alliance, which is the title of the book, is located on the island of Roanaa. Don’t let the geographical concept deceive you! It is not just a piece of land bordered by an ocean, a sea or a river with tropical climate. The word ’island’ in this case suggests that an area as small as a dustmite alone forms a closed plane of existence in a universe of millions of vast worlds.

Even though the island of Roanaa is subdued by its surroundings, it’s important to emphasize that it’s similar to an area about the size of Hokkaido. Its landscape and wildlife are anything but boring. Everything from the desert to the tropical forest and mountains to the ice fields can be found here and much of the area is untouched by civilization.

A world like this with its patchiness could not form in the natural world. The island of Roanaa was created by the head of the Kyanite Alliance, Master Silvanus Cordis Terrae. His purpose was to provide a protected environment for his students for the time of their training, as well as to offer them the opportunity to develop their powers. Even under the most extreme circumstances.

The Kyanite Alliance is made up of sorceresses and mages whose mission is to serve and protect the Light against the Shadow. The students are novices that all have a unique magic power and most of them arrive on the island of Roanna as adults. The island of Roanaa is a kind of magical fusion of knightly orders and the first medieval universities. During their twelve-year training, twelve masters will help them learn to be in charge of their powers and to acquire important knowledge for members of the Kyanite Alliance.

How do members of the Kyanite Alliance travel distances?

Traveling would be quite challenging for both, masters and students on foot or on horseback alone in such a grand area. Riding winged horses – that are living on the island of Roanaa – that can fly at the speed of light makes travel easier. They have a special relationship with anyone who has been admitted to the Kyanite Alliance, so distances are no longer an obstacle. The very first thing a novice must learn is to command a winged horse as soon as they arrive to the headquarters since they can only travel by this method in the first seven years of their training.

What will change after the first seven years?

A test, the Trial of Elements, follows for the students. All four elements, fire, water, air and earth are extremely important in the lives of the Kyanite Alliance. In addition to their individual magical abilities, they can perform the most powerful offensive and defensive spells with the power of the elements. Those who have passive magic powers (prophetic vision and empathy) can rely almost exclusively on natural elements in a magical duel. It will be decided in the Test of the Primordial Elements which of the four elements will choose the trainees. Although in the first seven years they learn to use almost all of them, from then on, not only do they fall into a special symbiosis with one of them, but with the particular element they are able travel within the island of Roanaa.

Unsplash – Cullan Smith, Vladimira Akineev, Artem Militonian, Matthew Smith

These would be the most important things to know related to the Kyanite Alliance. I hope the world of The Kyanite Alliance will peak your interest and you will want to read the Warlock Series.

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