If you have read the article about members of the four main families in my book and the ancient elements connected to them, you might wonder how their training looks exactly. This topic is especially interesting in the case of healers who have to acquire very diversified knowledge.

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The leader of the Salutaris family is magister Septimo Voluptas, however the master of healing is not him but magistra Artemesia Patientia. Their expertise overlaps and complete each other. Let’s see what they give to novicias and novices who have chosen to learn healing!

Map of Bones and Flesh

The first and most important thing that a future Salutaris has to learn is the human body structure. Since the worlds are inhabited by different species, this might seem a little discriminative. But the body structure of dwarves, elves, legunids, mermaids and other sentient beings is very similar to humans who are mostly in majority. So Artemesia Patientia considers it as a starting point. Healers have to know the position and particularities of bones, muscles, intestines and nerves, because they regularly take care of survivors after a battle. Of course knowing the anatomy is very important also for warriors in order to protect themselves well and attack with the highest precision.

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Healing Herbs and Magical Mixtures

Knowledge of different potions and poisons is also essential for a Salutaris disciple. So magister Septimo, master of potion-making has a very important role in their training. He shares his knowledge about the features, location and usage of herbs with pleasure. Moreover he helps by refining the senses of his most receptive students. So they will always find the most similar plant to the ingredient of a certain mixture on every plane of existence even if they have a very different flora.

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Personal Essence

The potions mixed by magister Septimo are doubtlessly very efficient. One of them brings deep dream, the other one makes its consumer invisible and another takes them back to the state of childish naivety for a couple of hours. But magistra Artemesia Patientia deals only with infusions of herbs. She makes them more efficient by adding different essential oils according to the particular energy of the patient. For getting a feel of the certain essences that somebody needs, students have to practice a lot and develop their intuition.

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Healers from the Womb of the Earth

If the right herbs aren’t at hand or a healer has run out of them during a mission, crystals can also render a good service. A package containing rock-crystal, smoky quartz, rose quartz, jasper, sodalite, agate stone, sunstone, cornelian and other stones is the part of the equipment of Salutarises just like their sword. Healers choose every single piece of their collection very carefully. Actually they let the stones choose them. And after they have found each other, crystals are able to magnify the vibes of Salutarises especially if they ask it consciously.

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Helping Words

As some spells can render a service during a magical combat, there are others which can help in healing. But their number is quite limited and in themselves they aren’t suitable for healing. Spells are restricted to help to gain time in taut situations when every moment counts. For example they speed up the effect of an infusion of herbs and slow down poisons.

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