Now in this period after Christmas and in the middle of the Celtic light ceremony, I’m sharing with you some background information related to this topic. This week you can take a look at the religion practiced and traditions followed by members of the Kyanite Alliance.

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What I have already mentioned related to languages is also true here: it is pretty hard to keep together an order whose members come from so many planes of existence. Magister Silvanus sees that forcing one deity on new novicias and novices would be an impossible venture. Therefore everybody can practice their own religion as long as they don’t offend anybody with it. Moreover magister Lucius Sensus shares the history and the god representations of a lot of religions with his trainees, in order to give them a complex image about this way of thinking.

Of course beside the acceptence of differences, a uniting force coming from having the same values is also needed. There are two basic principles that have to be followed by every trainee serving the Kyanite Alliance.

We Don’t Live Only Once 

The first one of these basic principles is reincarnation. Magister Silvanus himself remembers consciously that he has already reincarnated countless times. So he is fully aware of the fact that those who can take a look at their previous lives can know themselves on a much more high level. Having this experience is required because the trainees indentifying themselves with the view of their previous selves become more sympathetic towards others. They can understand people and other creatures and their motivations much better, even if they are different from them. Moreover members of the Alliance go on their quests with a much braver heart knowing that their soul is immortal, so the death of their physical body doesn’t mean their destruction.

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What about Sceptics?

Even if most trainees feel the principle of the reincarnation familiar, there are also some sceptics. Converting them by force would be completely pointless, therefore nobody among the masters tries it. Magistra Fiona helps trainees by taking a look at their previous lives after the required amount of preparation. Only one member „travels” from the group during these occasions, the others observe as outsiders. Sceptics don’t have to take this journey. But reports of their fellows always convince them in the end.

Respect Nature

The other basic principle is the respect of nature and the effort to live in harmony with it. This principle is proven true to students much earlier than reincarnation. Those who don’t respect the ancient elements enough, can’t call them as help for their magic. This earns them a big telling off from magister Garon Tereus, master of magical combat, because their stubbornness makes their own life more complicated.

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Members of the Kyanite Alliance always celebrate the beginning and the end of the changing cycles of nature together. There are various ancient traditions practiced by them at the eight shabbats: Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lugnasadh, Mabon, Samhain and Yule. On these ceremonies members of the Alliance pay their respect to nature and its spirits, then they celebrate merrily and wildly or quietly and cozily in accordance with the ambience of the period.

So it is clear that masters of the Kyanite Alliance accept religious differences. But life of the members of the Kyanite Alliance is completely pervaded by shared believes and traditions and these also give them power for their quests. This way a definitely close-knit and solid unit can exist parallel with religious tolerance.

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