Probably many of us would like to possess Kyra’s magic defense against diseases. Although it isn’t possible and we have to manage on our own, I beleive that nature didn’t create our body with built-in defects. It is much more intelligent than we supposed. Thus if we treat it well, we can avoid diseases. We speak about healthy diet, training, staying hydrated and relaxation if they were clichés. But a large number of people still don’t dare to allow themselves these basic needs, because there isn’t time for it in the everyday rush. I will share with you a list of some plants that could be very important allies to our immune system. Not to mention the fact that adding to your usual meals requires almost zero effort.

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It is a real red vitamin bomb, moreover it is in season during almost the whole year. Red beet is rich in vitamins B and C, selenium and zinc. So in addition to its key role in the blood production, it gives an incredible boost to our immune system. It can be consumed cooked or pickled, and you can also make it into a salade or a smoothie, if you mix it with some apple or carrot.

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It is also a great jolly joker for the autumn and winter days. Cabbage contains vitamins A, B, C, E and K, folic acid, sulphur, chlorine, magnesium and iodine, moreover beneficial bacteria that help detoxification and protect digestive system. This last one is very useful in the matters of health, because it’s already known since Hippocrates that death – and vitality also – begins in the intestines. 

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This intensive smelling spice scares away not only vampires. Garlic is a very powerful disinfectant, it kills microbes that can cause diseases under certain conditions. Additionally, it helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. In the current period, it would be the best to prescribe everybody a good portion of tzatziki with garlic. 

Photo: Pixabay, Steve Buissine

Onion-skin tea:

Unfortunately the worthy red-brown skin of onions generally end up in the bin (or on the compost). However, our grandmothers knew that onion skin appeases coughs, fights sore throat very efficiently and helps to keep the urethras healthy. To prepare the tea, first peel two onions, cook their skin in a quart water for 20 minutes, then let it cool. Put it aside for 12 hours. Finally strain it and flavour as you wish (I prefer it with honey and lemon).

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The healing power of this plant has been known for thousands of years. Beside boosting the immune system, it aids the work of liver and adrenal glands, furthermore protects the bone and vein structure and helps blood prodtuction. Those who, like me, find making jam too complicated, can consume rosehip as tea. As it looses its vitamin C content above 122 degrees, just soak it instead of cooking it. We need 0,1 ounce of rosehips for one jar. After the 12 hours have past, we can strain it, warm it up and consume it flavoured by honey or lemon.

Photo: Hajnalka Mahler


Another great tea-ingredient. Sea-buckthorn is rich in minerals, vitamins B1, B2 and C. Beside protecting our health, it is perfect against fatigue, furthermore helps the regeneration of our tissues if we have streched ourselves. Add 1 tablespoon of sea-buckthorn to 1 cup of warm water. Soak it for 12 hours in order to the best emergence of the beneficial effects.

Photo: Pixabay, Silvarita


This special spice probably reminds everybody of the upcoming Christmas and the gingerbread eaten with our families. However, ginger is much more than a cute ingredient of a familiar feast. It has super powerful disinfectant, immune boosting and metabolism accelerating effects. A lot of smoothies can be spiced up by some grated ginger. But I found the recipe of the coolest and most special winter drink here.

Photo: Pixabay, congerdesign

 Our olfactory cells also deserve some indulgence after our taste buds. Let’s vaporize lemon-mint essential oil mix in our room! Beside their disinfectant and refreshing effect, lemon cheers us up on grey days and mint calms down our thoughts, if we are stressed and helps us to focus.

Photo: Unsplash, Alexander Mils

Last but not at least, after emphasizing the beneficial effects of these plants, I have to mention my most unimaginative, but very important advice. Unfortunately the vitamin and mineral content of plants isn’t as high as I imagined it when writing about the utopian world of the island of Roanaa. I recommend to everybody who wants to keep their health to follow the example of Albert Szent-Györgyi, a famous Hungarian doctor and take at least 1000 mg vitamin C per day as an addition to herbs.

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