This week I’m returning to posts with background information related to The Kyanite Alliance. This one is a very popular topic, namely: is having a long-term relationship and a family possible in an order whose members are constantly travelling? The lifestyle of sorceresses and mages goes beyond our ideas of long-distance relationships and poses huge challenges for them. Let’s see what these are and how can the members of the Kyanite Alliance handle them!

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Different Dominant Elements

As I previously mentioned, novicias and novices have to pass the Trial of the Elements after the first seven years of their training. After that, they have to decide if they want to join the family of Warriors, Healers, Explorers or Charmers. Members of different families get separated from each other and go on different ways accompanied by experienced sorceresses and mages.

Role of the Destiny

If a couple joins the same family, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will always go on quests together. Destinations of sorceresses and mages aren’t decided by Silvanus magister, he follows the guidance of a higher power. Destiny guides everybody wherever they have a mission and it doesn’t care about the separation of couples. 

How can the obstacles be overcome?

Members of the Kyanite Alliance decide to get married quite rarely because of the reasons listed above. Neverthless, if it happens, it is always a very special occasion marked by a beautiful ceremony. The man and the woman vow that they will be The Only One for each other, the partner they will return to throughout their life. Despite their promise, they don’t expect exclusive faithfulness from each other, because they know that they might need to spend long years far from each other. They allow their partners to get involved in love affairs while their quests with the certainity that they belong together on a much higher level.

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Most sorceresses and mages don’t step on this road. They simply accept what life brings them; love affairs with their colleagues, with helpers living on the island of Roanaa or with allies on other planes of existence. Members of the Kyanite Alliance don’t hang onto these relationships. From their point of view it is absolutely normal, that every one of these encounters has a purpose and after fulfilling it, they go on their separate ways. These purposes can be different. Maybe both sides have to learn something from the other, they have to be each other’s support during a quest or perhaps they have to become the parents of a very special child.

There are also some lone wolves who (seemingly) aren’t interested in love and live only for their duties, just like monks do. This road isn’t chosen too often. Those who decide for staying alone have a serious reason. This is also the case of Orion Phoenix novice, the warrior appearing in the first book’s Samhain chapter. But we will discover his reasons in the following books.

Children in the Kyanite Alliance

If a sorceress gives birth to a baby, she can take a rest on the island of Roanaa. And later when she takes on a new quest, she entrusts her child to one of the nannies among the helpers. Of course descendents of sorceresses and mages generally inherit magic power. The higher powers regulary decide that they can begin their training already as a child, so that they can be useful members of the Kyanite Alliance very soon. But if somebody doesn’t inherit any magic powers, they can learn and practice a profession by the side of a helper in order to support masters, novicias and novices.

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As we can see, members of the Kyanite Alliance don’t have to give up love and family. However, there isn’t a universal ethical codex for overcoming obstacles caused by their lifestyle. Everybody handles them according to their own mentality. There is one very important thing that everybody has to keep in mind: duty comes first, they have to build their love life and family life only around it.

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