A real Confusion of Tongues is guaranteed if an order takes trainees from so many different planes of existence as the Kyanite Alliance does. The new novicias and novices would need to learn the basics of a common language before they begin their training. This would already require a fair amount of time. But if they wanted to wait until their language knowledge was current enough to a level which is suitable for studying the common philosophy, their hair would turn grey. Dealing with the language problem in a similar manner wouldn’t be a good decision for the plot. So I mixed in some mystery to help solve the obvious problem.

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Collective Spirit

Members of the Kyanite Alliance are in connection with each other from their birth. Every one of them are pervaded by the Collective Spirit which allows them to understand the speech of others. Due to it, if they speak among themselves, everybody hears what the others say in their mother tongue.

Spell for Creating Unity

Of course not only members of the Kyanite Alliance live in the headquarters, but their helpers and magical creatures as well. It would certainly cause some troubles if farmers and blacksmithes didn’t understand each other. To make sure that helpers and magical creatures can communicate with everybody even if their langauage is different, master Silvanus put Uniuná Spell on the island of Roanaa. This spell has the same effect as the power of the Collective Spirit, but it works only on the area of the headquarters.

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Written Words

Many men and woman are illiterate when they arrive to the Kyanite Alliance. Literacy wasn’t needed earlier in their life, so they didn’t know that it hides in them. Magistra Balthamos Levitas, the master of various languages helps them by the awakening of this latent knowledge. She teaches some extra cultuses for her illiterate trainees. However these cultuses pass just like ordinary reading and writing classes, the progression is much quicker. Balthamos magistra only guides her trainees to remember the knowledge in themselves, therefore the trainees have a breakthrough and they catch up with the others in a few weeks. During this period the masters carry on only practical education without any written curriculum. The Uniuná spell affects books as well, so everybody can read them after their ability is awakened.

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Away from the Island

So the prevention of the Confusion of the Tongues works very well on the island of Roanaa because of magic. The real problem now is the communication among members of the Kyanite Alliance and the people they meet while carrying out their quests on other planes of existence. Magic helps to overcome these obstacles as well, but sorceresses and mages can’t depend only on spells. Magistra Balthamos explains the role of learning foreign languages to her trainees in the first part of the Warlock Series like this:

“The closer the two worlds are to each other, the more similar the two languages are. There could be only tiny differences, but they could be completely the same, even if the history of the two worlds is different. Every language got its name from the characteristic most attributable to its sound. Some are Obedient, Receptive, Mystical, Flaming, Rampant, Angelic, or Standard. It is indeed impossible to learn all of them. Our explorers study for years just to be able to speak a few of them. We keep the Fhyranthia scrolls in one of the rooms of the Crystal tower. They contain all the necessary spells that reveal the necessary language in the mind of the sorceress or mage who is embarking on a mission. However, Fhyranthia magic has its limitations, so we have to work with traditional language learning too.”

What are the Limitations of Fhyranthia Magic?

The knowledge gained with this method isn’t as solid as knowledge provided by the Collective Spirit or the Uniuná spell. A scroll can be used generally by only one person. So the interdependence is very high in the cases when a quest is taken by more people than Fhyranthia scrolls belonging to the current language. Moreover if the user of a scroll is upset, their swirling emotions can also limit the work of Fhyrantha magic.

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